Flat Base Valve

Flat Base Valve


Tubeless Valves that do what they are supposed to do!

  • Pair of Flat Base Valves with soft rubber internal seal

  • 2 Colours: Hot Red or Stealth Black

  • Anodised aluminium

  • Large locking nut with rubber O-ring

  • Aluminium valve cap

  • 40mm long

  • Valve core removal tool included

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It’s all about the Flat Base…

Whilst testing our Tyre Yogurt sealant we experienced issues with many tubeless valves.
The external locking nuts, O rings & the internal seals often failed or leaked sealant.
So, we went searching for what we thought was the perfect MTB tubeless valve…

  • The “Flat Base” means a firm airtight fit is easily achieved without cranking on the locking nut with a pair of pliers.

  • The internal seal is made of soft malleable rubber & is multi-shaped to fit most MTB rims.

  • The seal is not fixed to the valve, making valve removal a doddle if you need to fit an emergency tube.

  • Large locking nut with oversized rubber O-ring secures the valve without damaging the rim.

  • 40mm long, anodised aluminium in Hot Red or Stealth Black.

  • Aluminium valve cap, valve core tool included.

For best results use Flat Base valves with Tyre Yogurt sealant and Gorilla “Loves Yogurt” Tap