Gorilla Rim Tape

Gorilla Rim Tape

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Take a peek in any bike mechanics tool box & you will find a Gorilla!

Gorilla Tape is available as…

  • 9m x 25mm “Handy Roll”

  • 32m x 48mm “Lasts Forever Roll”

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Gorillas Love Yogurt (apparently)…

We tested many rim tapes & some worked, others didn’t. So in true TY style we went looking for alternatives.
Gorilla Tape has been used for years by bike mechanics the world over. It is also recommended as a rim tape by several high end wheel manufacturers.

“If it’s good enough for them then it’s good enough for us!” - Matthew, TY Bike Products Founder

Gorilla Tape is not just a “gaffa tape”. It is thicker & stronger, has more layers, is very sticky & slightly flexible & stretchy - making it perfect to tape and seal rims.

The 9.14m x 25mm “Handy Roll” is good for up to four 650b rims.*
The 32m x 48mm “Lasts Forever Roll” can be split in half, so is good for twenty eight 650b rims, or it can be cut to any width to fit wider or plus sized rims.


How do I tape my rims?

Our “Top Tips and How To Do It ” section will be coming soon, but in the meantime have a look at this brilliant Pink Bike article.

NB:- They say to apply tape edge to edge, we use the tape at 24-25mm wide and just tape the centre of the rim.

*If you are using the “Handy Roll” to tape 4 rims then be very careful how much you over lap at the valve hole. If in doubt buy a 2nd roll or buy the larger “Lasts Forever” roll.