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Conceived in Morzine. Perfected in Saddleworth. Tested Worldwide.

Tyre Yogurt
MTB Tyre Sealant

Flat Free & Full of Fibre


We are TY Bike Products

TY Bike Products - the home of Tyre Yogurt and "All Things Tubeless"
Born from a love of mountain biking and a hatred of punctures ruining rad days on the hill.
April 2017 Morzine France - where else could such a product have been conceived and developed!
Conceived in Morzine, Perfected in Saddleworth, Tested Worldwide
the story so far…

Tyre Yogurt - Non Latex Tyre Sealant. DOES NOT Separate, Clump or Dry Out & Seals 8mm Holes in MTB Tyres.

"Flat Free & Full of Fibre" tech seals punctures & prevents flats in tubeless MTB tyres.
OK, but how?
There are millions of fibres and fillers in Tyre Yogurt so when a puncture occurs, the air in the tyre forces them into the hole or cut. This forms a flexible plug, that prevents further air loss. As the tyre moves and flexes, more fibres are forced into the hole reinforcing the plug and forming a permanent seal.
As the liquid is not part of the sealing process, we do not have to use latex - which can separate & dry out in your tyre.
The liquid we use does not dry out, and also holds the fibres and fillers permanently in suspension so they will not separate, clump together or block valves.
Tyre Yogurt has no shelf life so can be re-used and can last for the life span of your tyre!


Why is Tyre Yogurt BRILL?

  • Seals up to 6mm punctures

  • Will not separate or clump

  • Will not dry out

  • Re-useable

  • Can last lifespan of tyre

  • No latex, no ammonia, no smell

  • Non-corrosive, non-toxic & non-flammable

  • Water washable

  • Use 100-150ml per tyre

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Reviews of Tyre Yogurt from riders on Facebook


It works. And it works really well. It's clear that this was developed by end users. Brilliant stuff.

Matthew Draper


I live and ride in Morzine and have been using this product now for a year. 
Not a single puncture that it hasn’t dealt with and it doesn’t dry out.

Kevin Porter


Very easy to mount tubeless with a track pump and seals around the valve better than Stans. No punctures so far

John Myles