Tubeless Conversion Kit

Tubeless Conversion Kit


“Get Rid of Your Tubes” kit includes

  • Tyre Yogurt sealant 2 x 150ml

  • Flat Base valves, one pair in red or black

  • Gorilla (loves yogurt) Rim Tape

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Get rid of your tubes, say “Goodbye” to snake bites and pinch flats…

This tubeless kit contains…
Tyre Yogurt Sealant
2 x 150ml bottles. We suggest using 100ml - 150ml in each wheel depending on tyre size.
One pair of Flat Base valves in Hot Red or Stealth Black.
One roll of Gorilla (loves yogurt) Rim Tape 9.14 m x 25mm - more than enough for a pair of any sized rim, with enough left over just in case you “cock up” the first rim!
For best results use our products with tubeless ready rims & with tubeless ready tyres.

“Top Tips” videos are coming soon, in the meantime here is a great Pink Bike article on taping rims.

Why Tyre Yogurt???

Millions of fibres & fillers are ever present to seal holes & cuts up to 8mm.
No latex, no ammonia - no smells
Will not separate, clump together or dry out in your tyre.
Water washable, non toxic - no mess.
Conceived in Morzine, Perfected in Saddleworth, Tested Worldwide.


What’s so great about Flat Base Valves, eh?

The “Flat Base” & soft rubber internal seal means a firm airtight fit is easily achieved.
Large locking nut & rubber O-ring secures the valve without damaging the rim.
40mm long, anodised aluminium in Hot Red or Stealth Black.
Aluminium valve cap, valve core tool included.
Tubeless valves that do what they’re supposed to do


Gorillas Tape - it’s not just “gaffa tape”

We went searching for a cost effective rim tape that worked with all rim widths.
We found the answer in every bike mechanics tool box that we looked in!
It was also recommended to us by several high end wheel manufacturers, so we tested it.
It worked! So now we use it and recommend it.
Gorillas love yogurt!